Millions of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices where sold this Christmas. They are great at answering questions. That’s why sometime in the near future someone in your town is going to say:

“Alexa (or) OK Google: who’s the best (insert your business or service here)?”

Obviously, you’d like both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s Assistant to mention you or your business. To do that, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Google Home

To start, the odds of being mentioned on Google Home increase drastically if you have a Google My Business account with lots of positive reviews. When you type “best something” in Google – and you’re logged in with your Gmail account – it assumes you mean “best something near me” and returns the top search results in your area.

This means that if your business shows up today in Google’s local 3 pack (the first 3 search results on the map) it’s likely you’ll be mentioned when someone asks Google Home to search for local businesses.

There is one challenge, however. Starting this year, Google will show different search results to desktop and mobile users. The big difference is that on mobile devices, websites that are mobile friendly will get preferential treatment on mobile devices. However, you’ll still have to be in the local search results to even be considered for a mention by Google Home.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo uses Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Since Bing doesn’t offer reviews like Google, Amazon’s Echo uses’s search and rating results. This means that to get mentioned on the Echo, you need to have a Yelp account with several positive reviews.

While it isn’t clear if the Echo uses you Bing Places for Business account, it may in the future, so it wouldn’t hurt to set it up now if you haven’t done so yet. In addition, a Bing Places for Business account will make it more likely your studio is found on new Windows 10 Desktop PCs that use the Microsoft Edge browser, since it uses Bing search by default.