• Market Analysis. How can you use the disruptive nature of the web to transform your business? Some ideas are very expensive — some are virtually free. The real power of the Internet is to enable you to offer new products or services that solve your customers problems more quickly or less expensively than you can today. Unless you’re a computer geek, chances are you aren’t even aware of some of the latest technologies available on the Internet, and how you can use them to transform your business. We can help.
  • Website Design. Sure, you’ve already got a web site. But today’s on line consumer has much higher expectations than just a few years ago. A modern web site is “table stakes” just for joining the game. In many cases we can use what you already have as a foundation to create your new on line presence.
  • Search Engine Optimization. SEO just means that their are techniques for targeting your potential customers on line and driving them to your business. Applying these techniques correctly can result in higher search engine placement. Applying them incorrectly can make no difference, or in some cases actually make it harder to find your site.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention. Once a potential customer is at your web site, you want them to make a purchase decision. Every aspect of your web site should focus on making it easy for a customer to buy from you.
  • Content Management Systems. The Internet is a constantly changing, and your on line presence needs to change too. That’s why our plans always include on line back-end functionality so that you or your staff can update content quickly and easily without waiting for (or paying) someone else to make the change.
  • Social Networking. Social networking is the latest buzzword to describe the online tools for creating two-way relationships with your customers. Let us show you how you can use these tools to quickly and inexpensively turn prospects into customers and customers into champions for your business.