SEO checklist for photographersWhen you’re working on social media – newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn – there are several best practices you should know. We’ve scoured the Internet and listed them all here for your convenience. Bookmark this article, and you’ll refer back to it often.

• Ideal length of an email or article headline – 6 words, or under 50 characters
• Best day to send: Friday for businesses, Sunday for consumers
• Best time of day to send: 11am for businesses, 8pm for consumers
• Best schedule: Monthly

• Best post length: 40 characters or less
• Best practice: every post should have an image
• Best subject mix: 70% brand-building, 20% sharing, 10% sales-oriented posts
• Best Facebook “question” post length: 100-120 characters
• Best time to post to consumers: 8pm (test with analytics)
• How often to post: once a day, 7 days a week

Facebook Image Sizes
• Banner: 851px wide x 315px tall
• Profile photo: 180 x 180 px (allow 30px bleed for text or logo)
• Shared image: 1,200px wide x 960px tall
• Shared link: 337px wide x 197px tall

• Best length of an article headline: 6 words, or under 50 characters
• Minimum article/blog post for SEO: 300 words
• Ideal length for SEO: 1,600 words
• Keywords: include in title and 2-3 times in text
• Best practice: include image in every post, keyword in image name and alt text

• Cover photo: 2,120px wide x 1,192px tall
• Maximum size headline – 60 characters
• Best post length: 440 characters
• Best practice: every post should have an image

LinkedIn Company Page
• Banner: 646px wide x 220px tall
• Best Practices: Include showcase page for every specialty

• Twitter Header Photos: 1,252px wide x 626px tall
• Ideal length of a tweet – 70-100 characters

• Banner/Header – no more than 600 pixels wide
• Images in content – 200 pixels wide, to allow for text to wrap around it
• Call-to-Action buttons – 40 pixels high to accommodate mobile users clicking with their fingers, width dependent on text added to button
• Social Icons – About 40 pixels

• Desktop Banner: 2,560px wide x 473px tall
• TV Banner: 2,560px wide x 1,440px tall
• Best length for a video: 3-3.5 minutes
• Ideal length of a talk or presentation: 18 minutes
• Best file format: 640 by 480 resolution, mpeg4 or wmv, 30 FPS, mp3 sound

• Best domain name: 8 characters or less, no punctuation with a .com
• Best Content Management System: WordPress