Google any subject, and you’ll find a dozen review sites claiming they know the best tech solution for your business. After decades of experience, the list below is what I personally recommend to my clients. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Best Computer. If you own a business, you need a great tool that is portable, dependable, and will last for years. All business software runs on a PC. That’s why I recommend the Lenovo Thinkpad T-Series of laptops. They are reliable out of the box. Once you own one, you’ll never want a desktop PC again.

2. Best fix for Windows 8. For day-to-day business computers, Windows 8’s new user interface gets in the way. Eventually, Microsoft will fix it. Until then, Get your start menu back with all your Windows 7 icons using this $4.99 program.

3. Best Windows Security. Microsoft’s security software runs in the background quietly, no spam mail, is as good as McAfee, Norton or any other anti-virus software, and it is free. The Windows 8 version is called Defender, and is built-in. For all other versions of Windows, go to

4. Best Office Productivity Software. The worst thing about getting an important business file from a client is not being able to read it. Microsoft Office is the gold standard in business, and for $200 you’ll never have a problem.

5. Best Simple Image Viewer. Irfanview is a free program that can open any image in any format. No one will ever be able to send you an image you cannot view.

6. Best Photo Editor. Google Picasa lets you open an image, straighten it, crop it, fix the color, add some text, resize it, and save it out for the internet or printing. Picasa does all that with an easy-to-use interface (who likes to read the manual?) and it is free.

7. Best Phone/Tablet. Every other tablet manufacturer compares themselves to the iPhone and iPad. Why? Because they are still the best. For 99% of what you’ll use them for, they are easier to use and more dependable than the competition. You’ll never regret purchasing either one.

8. Best Website. You can have the best website in the world, but it doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t show up on Google search. I can help you create a new website or work with your existing website so you can showcase your services, sell products online, and be found by potential customers.